Where to find mentors in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with grooving economy, which means that allows many people to fully reach their professionals dream. That sounds very good, but in order to achieve your career goals, you first need someone to show you or teach you, how to become the best at any field.

So where can you find the best mentor?

Read a book

There are many ways how to find a mentor, one of the easiest ways how to get into the brain of a successful person is to read his book. You would be surprised but the majority of successful people have written a book in which they describe how they got to the level where they are now. If you copy their steps chances are that you will become very successful as well.

Do you need a personal mentor?

As beneficial as reading is, getting a personal mentor is always better, but where in Nigeria can you find a mentor, at school, university, or money at work?

I’d definitely say that it is possible to find a mentor at all those above-mentioned places, but as you probably know by now you might be going to university just to find out that none of the professors that you have are worthy of being your mentor, so what do you do then?

The most quality mentors that I have found was in AfricaLinked which is an amazing site with more than 35 000 members where you can find a mentor in every area wheater it is business, computer science, sales, or any other are in which you want to develop.


The best way is to find a book from a person who has achieved a susses in his life in the are that you also want to excel. If however, you need an extra support and one to one mentor visit AfricaLinked or AfricaLinked Facebook page, it will help you a lot

Facts about Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. As many of the giant technology companies (e.g. Apple) it started in the owner’s garage. And right now its revenue reaches $61 billion (2012). This is more that the GDP of half of the countries in the world.

The reason why name Amazon.com was chosen was that it relates to something big (well, Amazon forest is the biggest rainforest in the world). Moreover in the ancient times of pre-Google era when SEO technology was still in Stone Age, the website listings were often alphabetical, so A as the first letter seemed to be a right choice.

All employees of Amazon, including CEO, have to work at a customer service desk at least two days a year. This helps them better understand needs of the customers.

Amazon holds as much e-commerce in the United States as Office Depot, Staples, Apple, Dell, WalMart, Sears and Liberty combined. That is 10%. Amazon revenues are at $2000 per second. Imagine how fast your wallet would burst if the notes were multiplying in it at that rate.

Amazon is building its new headquarters in Seattle. They are going to look like three connected biodomes.